LITA Town Meeting Update

I want to thank everyone who participated in this years LITA Town Hall meeting and remind you that you can continue to participate on Twitter. I will continue to follow #litath09, the tag assigned to the Town Meeting, so if you want to add to the conversation please do. I’m listening.

Here are the questions we asked during the breakout session:

  1. What makes LITA unique inside ALA and in the greater community?
  2. Who else is filling the same role as LITA right now?
  3. What areas of IT are not be addressed in the community?
  4. How do other organizations see LITA?
  5. How can LITA work with other organizations?
  6. What can LITA learn from peer organizations?

We had 12 tables in the room so 2 tables discussed each question. I posted pictures of the notes from each table and they can be found on Flickr.

I want to thank the following guests for coming to this event and participating in the discussion:

  • ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries): Susan Kroll
  • ALCTS (Association for Library Collections and Technical Services): Dina Giambi and Mary Case
  • ASIS&T: Nancy Roderer (Past-President)
  • BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research): Regan Harper
  • Digital Library Federation (DLF): Barrie Howard
  • RUSA (Reference and User Services Association): Neal Wyatt
  • Taigi: Tom Wilson (Board Member)
  • OCLC/WebJunction: Beth Gutsche

I would also like to thank the Twitter table for getting a feed going on the spot! I really enjoyed reading it after the fact and I know those who could not attend enjoyed participating from wherever they were.

Finally, I would like to thank Matt Barnes from R2 Consulting for volunteering his time and facilitating the discussion.

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  1. Aaron the Librarian

    In case you only hit this post and hadn’t considered backing out to the main blog pages, here’s the 2-posts-earlier live feed from the “Twitter table” referenced in this post:


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