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Top Tech in Denver: Let the Trends come to you

Our semi-annual gathering of trendsters to converse about the leading technologies and tech topics of the day will take place in Denver in just over a week. This year we’re blowing the doors off of Top Tech so that you can follow the conversation and participate in the discussion from anywhere–California, Maine, Florida, or even from another conference session in Denver. Just drop in to the LITA blog for live blogging of the event, complete with real-time commentary on what’s being said in the room, relevant links to more information on what’s being discussed, multimedia content, and the opportunity to post comments and ask questions. For those of you traveling the convention halls free of the weight of a laptop, you can also get in on the discussion from any mobile device via Twitter.

Following the conference, the trends will continue on the LITA blog with a podcast of the session, discussion, and links to resources that expand on the technologies and topics discussed.

So please join us, online or in person, on ***Sunday January 25th from 8-10am (MST)***. Here’s how to join up:

***In-person in Denver***
Crown Plaza hotel, “Office” room
(Please note that seating in the room is limited. We welcome everyone who can come, but we may reach capacity quickly)

***Online via web browser***
Watch this space under the Top Tech Trends category for the Live Blog post on Sunday morning.

***Online via Twitter***
Tag your tweets: #ttt09
Follow along in the BIGWIG friendfeed room:
Watch for our very own Twitter account: toptechtrends


  1. Jackie Siminitus

    I’m sure many LITA members have seen the 2009 Horizon Report on Technology Trends. But for those who haven’t had the opportunity to read it before Mid-winter,
    The Horizon Report is co-published by the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) and was released 1/20 at the ELI Conference in Orlando, FL. See

    The focus is on technology application trends in higher education. LITA should discuss and comment on library applications for each. Here are top trends for the next 3 horizons:

    * 1 YEAR ( or less) Horizon: Mobiles, Cloud Computing

    * 2-3 YEARS: Geo-Everything and The Personal Web

    * 4-5 YEARS: Semantic-Aware Applications and Smart Objects

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