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RFID Balloting–last chance for change

Our second notice from Cindy Hepfer, erstwhile ALA Voting representative to NISO, concerns an issue close to many ALA hearts: RFID. There are three ballots on RFID coming down the pike. Each is a separate ballot but are described together in this message for conciseness.

First: “ISO/DIS 28560-1, RFID in librairies– Part 1: General requirements.” Part 1 establishes an abstract data model for the use of RFID tags.

Second: “ISO/DIS 28560- 2, RFID in librairies –Part 2: Encoding based on ISO/IEC 15962.” Part 2 deals with the encoding rules based on ISO/IEC 15962, which uses an object identifier structure to identify data elements.

Third: “ISO/DIS 28560-3, RFID in librairies– Part 3: Fixed length encoding.” Part 3 specifies how to encode a subset of data elements (taken from the total set of data elements described in part 1) in a straightforward way in a basic block on the RFID tag.

Cindy notes: “This may be your last opportunity to make substantive comments to this standard. If there is 100% approval, the standard can go directly to publication.”

Access to all three of the balloted parts is only available by applying directly to Cindy ( –please don’t forget to confirm your ALA membership, and let her know whether you want a particular part or all three. Her deadline for comment is no later than: Friday May 29, 2009. Please also copy me ( on your request.

Diane I. Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator