General information

Announcing the LITA Program Process System Task Force

LITA currently does not have a single system to gather, evaluate and approve program proposals that are submitted and share the information among the relevant committees. The LITA Program Planning Committee, LITA Education Committee, LITA National Forum 2009 Committee and LITA Camp are all using various systems to review and select appropriate programs for their events. 

In support of implementing a centralized system to gather, evaluate and select programs, the LITA Program Process System Task Force will identify systems to determine the most appropriate systems and recommend what they determine to be the best choice(s). 

  • Gather system requirements
  • Identify common elements for all committees as well as unique elements for each committee
  • Identify, evaluate, and analyze available systems

Task Force Members:
Thanks to the following people for agreeing to serve on this task force:

  • Ranti Junus, Chair (LITA Program Planning Committee)
  • Dale Poulter (LITA Program Planning Committee)
  • Zoe Steward-Marshall (LITA National Forum Committee 2009)
  • Jennifer Reiswig  (LITA National Forum Committee 2010)
  • Lauren Pressley  (LITA Web Coordinating Committee)
  • Danielle Plumer  (LITA Education Committee)
  • Paul Bracke  (LITA Publications Committee)

Check out the LITA WIKI for updates from the task force.