LITA Workshops in Chicago

There is still time to register for a LITA workshop – held Friday, July 10, 2009, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Chicago

A Thousand Words: Taking Better Photos for Telling Stories in Your Library
Presented by: Helene Blowers, Michael Porter, and Cindi Trainor

If you want to learn how to capture library events more effectively and artistically, don’t miss this hands-on workshop in Chicago this July. Learn the Who, What and Why of shooting, sharing and reusing your library photos, and see how to use widgets and other tools to tell stories and engage your users in your digital space. Learn techniques for shooting and editing better photos, camera settings that make for the best photos, and the basics of editing an image. Privacy policies and Creative Commons will also be covered. The hands-on portion of this workshop will involve using flickr, getting to know your camera, and using desktop and online image editing tools.

Participants should bring a camera and laptop. Be sure to bring your camera’s cable or a card reader for downloading photos to your computer.

Creating Library Web Services: Mashups and APIs
Presented by Karen Coombs

del.icio.us subject guides, Flickr library displays, YouTube library orientation; with mashups and APIs, it’s easier to bring pieces of the web together with library data.

-what an API is and what it does
-the components of web services
-how to build a mashup
-how to work with PHP
-how to create web services for your library

Participants should be comfortable with HTML markup and have an interest in learning about web scripting and programming and are encouraged to bring a laptop for hands-on participation.

More information is available at the LITA Web site.

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