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Announcing the LITA Online Programming Task Force

LITA needs a system or process to gather, post, and share LITA sponsored programs presented at conferences and events online.
To explore and recommend a systematic approach to gather and post LITA programs presented at events such as ALA Annual Conference, LITA National Forum, LITA Camp, etc.
  • Identify the types of programs that are presented and which are most appropriate for online posting
  • Identify other organizations such as ACRL, PLA, WebJunction, etc, who are currently providing this service to learn about their experiences
  • How should the content be delivered online i.e. live webcast, produced in a studio, screencast, etc.
  • Identify, evaluate, and analyze available systems
  • Identify which systems are best for delivering each type of program
  • Determine who should have access to what types of programs and how. This should include:
    • Identifying the appropriate delivery method
    • Who should have access. Should it be available to all LITA members, available to everyone, etc.?,
    • Should access be different for different user communities?
    • Should their be a registration fee for certain types of programming
Task Force:
The task force should include representatives from:
  • LITA Program Planning Committee
  • LITA National Forum Committee 2009
  • LITA National Forum Committee 2010
  • LITA Web Coordinating Committee
  • LITA Education Committee

Thanks to the following people for agreeing to serve on this task force:

  • Aaron Dobbs, chair
  • Melissa Shepard
  • Anne Graham
  • Cody Hanson
  • Michael Witt
  • Jenny Emanuel
  • Kristine Feery
  • David Ward
The task force should submit their recommendations to the LITA Board of Directors no later then ALA Midwinter Conference 2010 and run a pilot project at the Annual Conference 2010.

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  1. AaronDobbs

    The OPTF has space on ALA Connect where we’re posting what we’re doing.

    Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Please add pertinent info about ways you or the organizations with which you’re involved track the online content you produce. OPTF and LITA thank you in advance!

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