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LITA Town Meeting 2010

The LITA President reviewed a market survey, comments from the joint LITA Board Meeting with the Committee and Interest Group chairs in 2008, the LITA Town Meeting in 2009 and the LITA Board Meeting in 2010 and identified all of the possible ideas that LITA could explore as potential strategies for the next LITA Strategic Plan.  Those strategies were then sorted under major categories.

At today’s LITA Town Meeting we are going to review the the existing strategies and identifying missing strategies. During the Town Meeting we will break out into groups and each group will review one section. Each group will then perform the following tasks for their assigned section:

  1. add possible strategies that are missing
  2. identify which strategies are worth developing and incorporating into the future strategic plan and give them a time frame (can be complete in 1 year, 2-3 years or 3+ years)
  3. identify the possible strategies that are essential to the future of LITA

The groups will reconvene and share the results of their discussion. The rest of the board can provide their thoughts as well.

You can also follow us via Twitter using #litath.

The draft strategic plan is on ALA Connect.