Don't Miss the BIGWIG Showcase!

showcaseWe have a great line-up this year for the BIGWIG Showcase at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC! Monday, June 28, from 10:30am to Noon.

One week before the conference, check the Showcase page for links to author bios and to actually view the presentations prior to the Showcase!  Presenters won’t be giving their presentation at ALA, but rather you’ll have an opportunity to get an overview and engage in small group conversation with presenters and other attendees.


  • Libraries MUST Have A New Electronic Content Access and Distribution Infrastructure  (Michael Porter)
  • User Research on a Shoestring (Erin White and Susan Teague-Rector)
  • Information Overload & Personal Information Management (Bohyun Kim)
  • iPad and Tablet computers (David Lee King)
  • Teaching with Twitter (Ellen Filgo)
  • Qrcodes & Mobile Knowledge Networks (Bonnie Rosalen and Kelly Sattler)