Standards Watch

ISCI and Language Resources Management

I’m a bit behind on these announcements, so expect a small flood while I catch up prior to Annual. As usual in these times I’ll group what I can.

1. ISO/DIS 27730, Information and documentation — International standard collection identifier (ISCI)

“This International Standard establishes the specifications for the International Standard Collection Identifier (ISCI) as a unique international identification system for each collection, fond and (archival) series, and part(s) of collections, fonds and series. This International Standard establishes the specifications for the structure of an identifier and promotes the use of the identifier with regard to identifying systems that already exist. It also gives a list of recommended metadata elements that describe a collection. If this standard receives 100% approval from the international voting members of the ISO committee TC46/SC9, it can go directly to publication. This level of a draft standard is usually the last stage at which substantive comments will get addressed.”

Deadline for comments to Cindy is Monday, Sept. 20, 2010.

2. Liaison ballot for New Work Item proposal for Language resources management – Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX)

“This ballot is for a new work item proposal to develop a standard on Language resources management. Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX) defines an XML formalism for describing how language-processing tools segment text (e.g., into sentences or paragraphs) based on a series of sequentially applied pattern (regular expression)-based rules. In addition to enhancing interoperability between tools such as computer-aided translation, SRX would also allow the definition of standard language- or country-specific rules.” NISO Note: Although not explicitly called out in the proposal, this standard could potentially be useful in Knowledge Organization Systems (classification, thesaurus, ontology) work, for example, interoperability between multilingual thesauri. This is a liaison ballot from TC37 Terminology and other language and content resources / SC4 Language resource management.”

From Cindy: “NISO can only submit a vote recommendation and any comments. We can, however, nominate an expert to work on this project (if approved). If there is interest in applying this standard to Knowledge Organization Systems, it is strongly recommended that someone from the NISO community participate in the standard’s development, as it is unlikely that the experts coming from the TC37 community will have an understanding of that viewpoint. If you wish to nominate an expert, please provide the name and contact information in your comments.”

Deadline for comments to Cindy is Monday, Sept. 20, 2010.

As is usual with ISO ballots, ALA recommends a voting position to NISO but does not vote directly. Since the reference document is in a password-protected area of the NISO web site, ALA members must contact Cindy for a copy. Cindy can be contacted directly at and requests must include confirmation of ALA membership. Please copy me on the request ( so I can track LITA interest.

Diane Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator