Standards Watch

ISO Approval Ballots

This last “standards flood” posting includes two ISO approval ballots, sequentially numbered but (it seems) to be used in tandem.

1. ISO/DIS 30300, Information and documentation–Management system for records–Fundamentals and vocabulary.

“This International Standard establishes the objectives for using a Management System for Records (MSR), provides principles for an MSR, describes a process approach and specifies roles for top management. It also defines terms and definitions applicable to the ISO 30300 series of International Standards.”

2. ISO/DIS 30301, Information and documentation — Management system for records — Requirements

“This Standard specifies requirements for a Management Systems for Records (MSR) to support an organization in the achievement of its mandate, mission, strategy and goals through the development and implementation of a records policy and objectives and the measurement and monitoring of performance.”

If these standards receive 100% approval from the international voting members of the ISO committee TC46/SC11, they can go directly to publication. This level of a draft standard is usually the last stage at which substantive comments will get addressed.

As is usual with ISO standards, the documents are not available openly but must be requested through Cindy. Your request, sent to, must include a statement that you are an ALA member. Please also copy your request to me at, so that I can track LITA interest.

Deadline for comments concerning both ballots are due to Cindy by Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010.

Diane I. Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator