Forum Keynote Video: Roy Tennant on "Using the Cloud to Please the Crowd"

In today’s keynote address at LITA Forum, Roy Tennant talks about the context for understanding cloud computing and makes the case for incorporating into our computing strategy for the library. Catch the whole video, with slides, on ustream.

Here’s a description of the talk, as well as the other keynotes. Tomorrow’s keynote by Ross Singer on “The Linked Data Cloud” will be posted and available as well on the LITA Forum show page.

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  1. Jeffrey Beall

    I can’t believe that Roy Tennant can talk about cloud computing with a straight face. The idea of cloud computing is based on cooperation and sharing among large groups of internet users.

    Just a couple years ago, Tennant was one of the authors of OCLC’s extremely restrictive record re-use policy, a policy that went totally against the principles of open data and open code. The policy was designed to protect the profits of a single corporation and served to greatly restrict data sharing among libraries. The policy that Tennant help write and promote was as anti-cloud as you can get.

    Fortunately, OCLC and Tennant caved to the pressure that the ridiculous policy generated. That he is now talking up the virtues of cloud computing is beyone comprehension and demonstrates the height of hyprocrisy.

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