LITA and Top Tech Trends on YouTube

LITA is piloting a new YouTube presence, and the Top Technology Trends Committee is excited to be a part of this effort. The Committee is working on a pilot project to share short, informal videos from past and present Top Technology Trends panelists. These videos will serve as current sound-bytes on technology trends of interest to the library community. It’s hoped that the number of videos will grow over time, and play a role in fostering a sense of community during the time between ALA’s Annual and Midwinter meetings. The Committee would like to thank Jason Griffey for producing the first video, available now at LITA LibraryInfoTech’s Channel


  1. Jody Bailey

    This technology is very cool. I can definitely see applications for it in the STEM disciplines as well as the medical professions and others. I heard about 3D printing more than a year ago when Blizzard first made personalized 3D World of Warcraft avatars available for purchase. Thanks for the video, Jason. I will be following the YouTube channel to keep up with LITA’s new series!

  2. Booster

    Great post thanks so much. I am not surprised youtube have taken this step. It’s a great resource for education and archive too.

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