LITA at ALA Annual 2011

By now you’re probably wondering where that fabulous BIGWIG LITA gCalendar is and why it is not already embedded on LITAblog. That’s a fair question.
In my opinion, the gCal has been surpassed by the new Conference Scheduler.

Have you taken a look at the LITA Conference Schedule in ALA Connect?
I know the display isn’t in Calendar grid format, but the new Conference Scheduler offers a complete listing of LITA programs, a way to indicate (and rank!) the various programs which interest you, and a way to export your “My Schedule” selections in iCal or other formats for importing into your regular calendar.

Check it out (and let me know if you agree! (or disagree))

Update: After some feedback, I generated an iCal of all LITA events (Search for LITA and then click the iCal button at the top right corner), and imprted it into the BIGWIG LITA Calendar: