General information

What is LITA?

At our meeting on Friday, the LITA board (your board!) conducted an exercise to craft an updated vision statement for our organization. We started out by thinking of organizations that inspire us and listing the attrubites that we admire about that organization. Some people talked about non-profits, some about online businesses or communities and some about their current or former places of work. Again and again, we came back to the idea that the people make the organization. To that end, we tried to come up with a short statement to describe our vision for LITA. Give it a test-drive and let us know what you think. Is this your LITA? We welcome comments and suggestions!

LITA: Libraries. Innovation. Technology. Awesomeness: Choose your own adventure!*

We probably knew this on the day of the meeting, but “Choose Your Own Adventure” is a registered trademark, so this is probably a good place to start with the discussion. 🙂