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LITA Election: Polls Now Open

The online polls opened on Monday, March 19; the polls will close on Friday, April 27.  For a preview of the LITA slate, all LITA candidates’ ballot information is available on the 2012 LITA Election page.  Please thank the Nominating Committee for going the extra mile to provide LITA members with a full slate when one candidate had to withdraw within days of our being able to make any change.  This year the LITA ballot also includes a proposed Bylaws change addressing the Nominating Committee development of the slate.

LITA members who are ALA councilor candidates include:  George J. Fowler, Susan Castleberry, Karen G. Schneider, Jennifer Cabanzan (Canezal), Joan S. Weeks, Jim Kuhn, Aaron Dobbs, Kevin Bruce Gunn, Steven K. Bowers, Peggy Cadigan, Courtney Louise Young, Elisabeth Leonard, ShuYong Jiang, Cynthia D. Clark, Mario M. Gonzalez, and Eric D. Suess.