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March issue of ITAL Available

The first issue of Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) as an open-access, e-only publication is now available, click here.

All LITA members are encouraged to “subscribe” to ITAL via the “Subscribe” link on the right side of the page; just register your e-mail address and you will then automatically get an e-mail notification when a new issue comes out.

As announced to LITA members in early January, ITAL is adopting an open-access, e-only publishing model. This will help ensure the long-term viability of ITAL by making it more accessible, more current, more relevant, and more environmentally friendly. ITAL will continue to feature high-quality articles that have undergone a rigorous peer-review process, but it will also begin expanding content to include more case studies, commentary, and information about topics and trends of interest to the LITA community and beyond. Look for a new scope statement for ITAL shortly on the ITAL website.

With the first open-access, e-only issue launched, the ITAL Editorial Board’s attention will be turned to updating and improving the ITAL website and expanding the back content available. Our goal is to have all of the back issues of both ITAL and its predecessor, Journal of Library Automation (JOLA), openly available from the ITAL site. We’ll also be exploring ways to better integrate the ITALica blog and the ITAL preprints site with the main site.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome: please send to Bob Gerrity, ITAL Editor, at gerrityr (at)


  1. Jonathan Rochkind

    Awesome, congrats.

    Is there an RSS feed for latest ITAL articles published? i’d like to include such a feed in my aggregator, so as articles are published they show up in my feed. (It’s just fine if they show up in batches all at once as a new issue is published).

  2. dvess

    Hi Jonathan, there’s links to our RSS feeds on the bottom right of the ITAL page. (first link in the article).

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