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LITA Call for Proposals: ALA Annual 2013

The LITA Program Planning Committee is now accepting innovative and creative proposals for the 2013 Annual American Library Association Conference. We’re looking for full day pre-conferences and 90 minute conference presentations on technology in libraries–use of, new ideas for, and trends. Last year we received 95 proposals and we’re excited about all of your new ideas to share with us.

Changes from last year!!

  • Due to changes announced in June by the ALA Conference Committee – DS comments, all divisions are limited to accepting 20 programs each next summer.
  • All programs will be 90 minutes, located in the convention center, and will be recorded.
  • All proposal submissions will need to choose a Conference Track. Please see Appendix A in the Roadmap here ( for more details.
  • Vendors wishing to submit a proposal should partner with a library representative who is using the product. The library/librarian should submit the proposal.

*When/Where is the Conference?*
2013 Annual ALA Conference, Chicago, IL: June 27-July 2, 2013

*What kind of topics are we looking for? *
We’re looking for programs that can scale to other libraries, inspire technological change and adoption, or go above and beyond the every day.

Successful topics in the past have included Data Management Services, Responsive Web Design, and Homegrown Technology Tools.

*When are proposals due? *
August 24, 2012

*How I do submit a proposal? *
Fill out this form
Program descriptions should be 75 words or less.

*When will I have an answer? *
The committee will be reviewing proposals after August 24, final decisions will be made in September.

*Do I have to be a member of ALA/LITA/an IG/a committee?*
No! We welcome proposals from anyone who feels they have something to offer regarding library technology. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial support for speakers. Because of the limited number of programs, LITA IGs and Committees will receive preference where two equally well written programs are submitted. Presenters may be asked to combine programs or work with an IG/Committee where similar topics have been proposed.

*Got another question?*
Please feel free to email me ( and the group will figure it out.