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LITA Candidate Interviews

Ever wanted to know more about the candidates running for the offices that represent you in ALA matters? Well, here’s your chance.

I’m Steve Thomas, host of Circulating Ideas, and I am going to be interviewing (nearly) everyone on the ballot for LITA positions and a fair number of other ALA positions. I’d like the input of LITA members, to find out what you want to know, what issues you think need to be addressed by your elected officials.

If you’d like to have your question considered for inclusion in the interviews, please visit here and you can up- or down-vote other questions while you’re there. While you’re in a question-asking mood, you can also visit here to ask questions of the ALA Presidential candidates.

Thanks for helping to make LITA a better-informed division!

(Also, if you’re running for office, want to be on the show and haven’t yet spoken to me, please contact me ASAP)