General information

So, what’s the deal with committees, anyway?

Good question, and I’m glad you asked. I need your help with that.

LITA has 20 committees to which members must be appointed annually by the Vice-President. We also send representatives to twenty other committees, groups, task forces and organizations. Some terms are multi-year; some committee members can be reappointed; some chairs come from the pool of members already on the committee; some representatives serve in that capacity by virtue of their position on a committee. Some committees do a lot of work between conferences in virtual meetings, and some don’t. Some committees submit program proposals for Midwinter and Annual conference, and some don’t.

TL;DR? It’s complicated, and I need about 100 people to fill spots that are opening up. I’m going to attack it one committee at a time, so watch this space for a call to action and more information about the committee of the week (roughly).

Have you already volunteered to serve on a committee using the infamous form? GREAT! I have that information. If you have an itch to drop me a line regarding a particular job, that’s great too, do it! Do you know a new LITA member who would be a fantastic committee member? Rat them ou–I mean suggest them! I also collected a lot of photos of badges at Midwinter. If you remember me taking a photo of your badge but you haven’t yet volunteered for a particular committee, please feel free to. (NB: that form is behind a login. Use your ALA credentials. Sorry about that.)

More soon… appointments are supposed to be completed by May, so that interested volunteers can attend meetings during Annual (in person or virtual, we don’t care which!). Do note that your actual appointments begin AFTER Annual, but it’s always good to know what you’re in for.

Questions? Please ask! You can find me @cinditrainor on twitter, at cindiann at that mail from google, or using my Connect contact form.