Events surrounding the LITA President’s Program at ALA Annual

As LITA President, one of my initiatives for my presidential year was to improve the member experience. I’ve been doing this by applying user experience concepts that I’m familiar with in my everyday job to effect change and improve the overall experience for current members and those who are on the fence about joining. The LITA member experience encompasses all aspects of a member’s interaction with the association, including its programming, educational opportunities, publications, events, and even other members. The LITA Board, Committees, and ad hoc Task Forces have been instrumental to making a positive difference in the experiences of our members.

Therefore, it was important for me to pick someone for my President’s Program at ALA Annual that is considered to be an expert on user experience (UX). Accomplished information architect and author Louis Rosenfeld and LITA President Rachel Vacek will discuss the curious world of user experience at the 2015 LITA President’s Program at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, on Sunday, June 28th, 2015, from 3-4 p.m. I know that he’s excited to tackle your questions on the importance of UX research and what libraries can do to provide better experiences.

As we approach ALA Annual, I put together a fantastic team of people to help me plan not one, but TWO exciting events that lead up to the President’s Program. Here they are:

Contest: Great Library UX Ideas Under $100

Chat: UX Twitter Chat

I hope that you consider participating in these exciting opportunities to share what YOU know about UX with others in the library community, and learn from others. And I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at my President’s Program with Lou Rosenfeld!


Rachel Vacek, and the LITA President’s Program Planning Team: Amanda Goodman, Whitni Watkins, Isabel Gonzalez-Smith, Haley Moreno, Bohyun Kim, along with additional help from our friends on the RUSA User Experience Design Committee, Lauren McKeen and Rachael Cohen