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It’s a Brave New Workplace

LITA Blog Readers, I’ve got a new job. For the past month I’ve been getting my sea legs at the University of Houston’s M.D. Anderson Library. As CORC (Coordinator of Online Resources and Collections), my job is supporting data-driven collection decisions and processes. I know, it’s way cool.

MD Anderson Library, University of Houston
M.D. Anderson – Ain’t she a beaut?

I have come to realize that the most challenging aspect of adapting to a new workplace may well be learning new technologies and  adjusting to familiar technologies used in slightly different ways. I’m text mining my own notes for clues and asking a ton of questions, but switching from Trello to Basecamp has been rough.

No, let’s be honest, the most challenging thing has been  navigating the throngs of undergrads on a crowded campus. Before working remotely for years, I worked at small nonprofits, graduated from a teeny, tiny liberal arts college, and grew up in a not-big Midwestern town. You may notice a theme.

No worries, I’m doing fine. The tech is with me.

In upcoming installments of Brave New Workplace I’ll share methods for organization, prioritization, acculturation, and technology adaptation in a new workplace. While I’ll focus on library technologies and applications, I’ll also be turning a tech-focused approach to workplace culture questions. Spoiler alert: I’m going to encourage you to build your own CRM for your coworkers and their technology habits. Be prepared.

And stay tuned! Brave New Workplace will return on October 16th.




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