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Great Library UX Ideas published at Weave

weavelogoAnnounced today by Matthew Reidsma of Grand Valley State University and Editor-in-Chief of Weave, the Journal Of Library User Experience, the publication of the submissions of the winner and first two runners-up for the 2015 Great Library UX Ideas Under $100.

In June 2015, the LITA’s President, Rachel Vacek, Program Planning Team partnered with Weave to hold a contest for great, affordable UX ideas for libraries. The winner won some fabulous prizes, but the committee had trouble choosing just one of the entries they received for recognition. Therefore they choose a winner and first two runners-up for the 2015 Great Library UX Ideas Under $100.

Congratualations to all the winners:

  • Conny Liegl, Designer for Web, Graphics and UX Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University
  • Rebecca Blakiston, User Experience Librarian, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Shoshana Mayden, Content Strategist, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Nattawan Wood, Administrative Associate, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Aungelique Rodriguez, Library Communications Student Assistant, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Beau Smith, Usability Testing Student Assistant, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Tao Zhang, Digital User Experience Specialist, Purdue University Libraries
  • Marlen Promann, Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University Libraries

Weave’s primary purpose is to provide a forum where practitioners of UX in libraries (wherever they are, whatever their job title is) can have discussions that increase and extend our understanding of UX principles and research. This is our primary aim: to improve the practice of UX in libraries, and in the process, to help libraries be better, more relevant, more useful, more accessible places.

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