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Reminder/Shameless Plug for LITA President’s Program in Orlando

by Thomas Dowling

LITA members–and anyone else–attending ALA Annual in Orlando, please join us for the LITA Awards and President’s Program on Sunday afternoon, 3pm to 4pm, in the Orange County Convention Center, room W109B.

Our featured speaker will be Dr. Safiya Noble, who will speak about how the landscape of information is rapidly shifting as new imperatives and demands push to the fore increasing investment in digital technologies, despite the consequences of increased surveillance and lack of privacy, which are changing our information engagements. Dr. Noble’s talk is co-sponsored by ALA’s Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services, and the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

If you can fit it all in to your schedule, I invite you to binge watch our Sunday Afternoon With LITA event, starting with Top Tech Trends (1pm to 2pm, Convention Center, W109B), continuing with the President’s Program, and concluding with the LITA Happy Hour, 5:30pm, Sam & Bubbe’s Lobby Bar at the Rosen Centre Hotel.  In addition to good company and good cheer, Happy Hour is the start to our year-long 50th anniversary celebration!