General information

Volunteer for LITA!

Do you want to…

  • learn and apply valuable skills?
  • meet colleagues from all over the US (and maybe even beyond)?
  • help your colleagues learn, grow, and have great experiences with LITA?

Then please volunteer for a LITA committee!

three women of varying races and gender expressions contemplate a laptop screen

As the LITA Vice President, I’m responsible (along with the Appointments Committee) for making committee appointments happen. What am I looking for?

People who get things done. If you’re a worker bee, a visionary, an artist, a coder, a problem-solver, a community builder, an initiative-taker, or anyone else ready to pitch in, I want you on our committees. (Conversely, I’m not looking for anyone who’s just here for a line on their CV.)

A diverse range of people. Our committees should reflect not just librarianship today, but the fully inclusive librarianship I’d like to see tomorrow — and that starts with making sure our leaders and our voices embrace a wide range. I want to appoint people from a variety of backgrounds, including perspectives from traditionally underrepresented groups.

If you’re inclined toward accomplishment (not just participation), and/or you bring a voice we don’t hear enough of around LITA, please say so on the committee volunteer form so that we know to flag you.

Wondering what the process looks like after you’ve submitted your volunteer form? Well, assuming I’ve got the code on my appointments app right, and assuming you put a working email on your volunteer form (please do this!), you should get an email with the details within a week after submitting your form.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!