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Digital Life Decoded: A user-centered approach to cyber-security and privacy
Instructors: Hannah Rainey, Libraries Fellow; Sonoe Nakasone, Lead Librarian for Metadata Technologies; and Will Cross, Director, Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center, all at North Carolina State University.
December 12, 2017, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Central time

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The current technological and political landscapes have re-ignited conversations and concerns around digital security, privacy, and media literacy. Staff at NCSU developed a project branded as “Digital Life Decoded,” and grounded in substantial user research done in the spring of 2017 that identified three specific issues students were concerned about:

  • Hacking of personal information
  • Consent for use of information
  • Understanding how their information would be shared

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This 90 minute webinar will cover the process of development, including user research methods and project management. The bulk of the session will be spent walking through the 3 interactive activities from the pop-up programs developed. In addition to sharing methods and lessons learned, this webinar aims to heighten the conversation about our professional and personal roles in leading cyber-security and privacy.

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