LITA ALA Annual Precon: Managing Library Technology

2018 ALA Annual Conference

Join Carson Block for an afternoon addressing the technological beast in your library.

Managing Library Technology
Friday, June 22, 2018, Noon – 4:00 pm
Presenter: Carson Block, Library Technology Consultant, Library Land Tech

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Do you want to get a better handle on taming that beast? The preconference is based on Carson Block’s ALA-APA CPLA Class “Management of Technology” and features ideas and practices from his new book Managing Library Technology: A LITA Guide. Field tested for years, this session and the accompanying book offers a solid approach to understanding and managing the things that remain constant in an ever-changing world. This preconference is designed in a workshop format and is highly interactive with many opportunities throughout to practice with peers the concepts Carson teaches. Each participant will receive a copy of the book.

Carson Block head shot
Carson Block

Carson Block has been a library technologist for 20 years – as a library worker, IT Director and now a Library Technology Consultant. His passions include leading technology visioning, planning and other activities designed to help build the library’s capacity to serve communities. He has been called “a geek who speaks English” and enjoys acting as a bridge between the worlds of librarians and hard-core technologists. He has a passion to de-mystify technology for the uninitiated, and to help IT professionals understand and support the goals of libraries.

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