Travel scholarships available for the LITA/PLA AvramCamp 2018

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Do you want to participate in the LITA/PLA AvramCamp 2018, a one-day unconference for women in library technology, at ALA Annual in New Orleans? Would travel funding help you to attend? Thanks to support from our sponsors, AvramCamp is offering several $500 travel scholarships.

Scholarships will be awarded competitively based on the committee’s ranking of applications received by the deadline (May 21, 2018).

Scholarship Eligibility

ALA Attendees are encouraged to participate in AvramCamp if they:

  • Identify as a woman in a way that is significant to them;
  • Participate in library technology (in any role);
  • Can actively participate in discussions about women’s experiences in library technology, including talking about women’s achievements and the challenges they face;
  • Want to work together and share strategies to support and promote women in the field;
  • Are young or old; students or professionals; from a diverse range of backgrounds and types of libraries; and reflective of the breadth of librarianship.

These scholarships are intended for people who couldn’t otherwise attend AvramCamp. We can’t assess your financial need and trust you to self-identify accurately.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form at this Google Form. Applications are due May 21st and scholarship winners will be notified by May 31st.

Scholarship selections will be made by the LITA/PLA AvramCamp steering committee.


Thank you to our generous sponsors: OCLC Research, and EBSCO, for your support of LITA’s AvramCamp and the Women in Information Technology Interest Group.

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This event is a joint endeavor of LITA and PLA.

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Questions or Comments?

Contact LITA at (312) 280-4268 or Mark Beatty, mbeatty@ala.org