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Seeking Applications for eLearning Coordinator!

Position Description

The eLearning Coordinator is charged with handling all of the logistics for scheduling, running, and completing LITA’s webinars and courses.

The Coordinator holds a 3-year appointment with an option for one renewal for a maximum of 2 terms. The initial appointment will begin on October 1, 2019, and will continue through the end of June 2022. This person is expected to work approximately 4 hours a week for 52 weeks a year, although some weeks will likely require fewer hours while others require more. The total should balance out to 208 hours each year.


  • Works with instructors and LITA staff to schedule webinars and courses at least 10 weeks in advance;
  • Maintains a year-round calendar of elearning opportunities based on content selected by the LITA Education Committee and LITA Education Acquisitions Editor;
  • Obtains signed letters of agreement from instructors;
  • Provides ALA Member and Customer Service (MaCS) with information about each session to list it in ALA’s registration system (or enter the information in ALA’s eLearning site when it goes live);
  • Creates a web page with all the information about the session;
  • Provides LITA staff with content about each session to market each elearning opportunity;
  • Works with instructors prior to each session to guarantee quality of content, including holding practice sessions;
  • Provides support to instructors for LITA’s webinar and presentation software;
  • Acts as the primary contact for all communication with elearning instructors and registrants; refers registration issues to ALA Customer Service;
  • Updates elearning information on the LITA website and/or ALA eLearning site as necessary;
  • For courses, sets up the Moodle space and adds instructor(s);
  • For webinars and synchronous sessions, opens the online room, runs the session, and records it;
  • Provides any necessary support for the instructor and participants during the session;
  • Creates the evaluation survey for each webinar and course;
  • Follows up with participants to thank them for attending, sends the recording link (for courses, this means after each week’s session), and encourages participants to fill out the evaluation survey; sends reminders to fill out the survey as necessary;
  • Works with instructors to display LITA marketing materials created by staff at the beginning of each session;
  • Submits instructors’ invoices to the LITA Executive Director for processing;
  • Sends thank you to presenter(s) along with a link to the survey results;
  • Keeps the LITA Education Committee apprised of scheduled and completed sessions;
  • Maintains the LITA Education Data Dashboard of statistics for attendance and evaluation survey responses for all elearning sessions;
  • Notifies the Education Acquisitions Editor when an elearning opportunity was popular enough to run again;
  • Creates a summary statistical report of elearning activity twice a year for the LITA Board (January and June);
  • Tracks and summarizes suggested future elearning opportunities submitted by participants on the evaluation survey;
  • Submit a monthly timesheet to verify hours worked.


  • Previous planning or project management experience to maintain a year-round education calendar;
  • Good written and oral communication skills;
  • Experience working with people from diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and other backgrounds;
  • Must be familiar enough with LITA’s online meeting and presentation software to provide support to instructors and participants (currently Zoom and Google Slides);
  • Must be available between 11:00am – 2:00pm Central Time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week;
  • Must have your own desktop or laptop computer, webcam, headset, and access to a robust internet connection;
  • Must be a member of LITA.


The position comes with a stipend of $4,160 each year ($20/hour for 208 hours), payable as two installments of $2,080 each in January and August.

To apply, please fill out the following form by Sunday, October 20th: