General information

Call for Blog Coordinator for the Exchange: An ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA Collaboration

The Exchange: An ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA Collaboration brings together experiences, ideas, expertise, and individuals from the three ALA divisions. Broadly organized around the theme of “Building the Future Together,” the Exchange will examine the topic in relation to collections, leadership, technology, innovation, sustainability, and collaborations. Participants from diverse areas of librarianship will find the three days of presentations, panels, and lightning rounds both thought-provoking and highly relevant to their current and future career paths. The Exchange will engage a wide range of presenters and participants, facilitating enriching conversations and learning opportunities. Divisional members and non-members alike are encouraged to register and bring their questions, experiences, and perspectives to the events.

As part of the conference experience, the Exchange plans to host regular blog posts in advance of the conference. Blog posts will serve multiple purposes: generate excitement and interest in content, encourage participation outside of simply watching presentations, and provide an avenue for presenters and content providers to further share information about their topics. Notifications of new blog posts will be shared with ALCTS News, Leads from LLAMA, LITA Blog, and other social media. There should be nine to twelve blog posts between December-May.


  • Write introductory post(s) about the Exchange and activities
  • Solicit posts from speakers and poster presenters, or other Exchange participants interested in contributing content. Blog posts should relate to the major themes of the Exchange.
  • Track solicited posts, edit, and post to the Exchange Blog site.
  • Inform the editors of Division news and blog sites of new content
  • Serve as Ex Officio member of the Marketing Subgroup

Timeframe for Appointment

  • December 2019-June 2020

Interested individuals should email Shanna Hollich ( and Erin Leach ( with a few sentences explaining their interest and qualifications. Individuals must be a member of ALCTS, LITA, and/or LLAMA.