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How to Talk About Library UX – Redux

Presenter: Michael Schofield

Librarian / Director of Engineering, WhereBy.Us

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

12:00 – 1:00 pm Central Time

The last time we did this webinar was in 2016 – and a lot’s changed. The goal then was to help establish some practical benchmarks for how to think about the user experience and UX design in libraries, which suffered from a lack of useful vocabulary and concepts: while we might be able to evangelize the importance of UX, LibUXers struggled with translating their championship into the kinds of bureaucratic goals that unlocked real budget for our initiatives.

It’s one thing to say, “the patron experience is critical!” It’s another thing to say, “the experience is critical – so pay for OptimalWorkshop, or hire a UX Librarian, or give me a department.”

And let’s be real, this is still a real obstacle. But now, there are more examples than ever about successful UX programs in libraries, models for how even whole UX departments might be structured. The hill you have to climb to pitch UX is a little less steep.

What’s changed is twofold: the collective level of UX maturity in librarianship (it’s gone up!), and the increasing pace of practical thinking in the “fields” of service design and researchOps.

This 60-minute webinar – “How to talk about UX Redux” – is benchmark 2.0.

Learning objectives for this program include:

  • Understand a higher baseline of UX, its role in the organizational mission, and its part in a larger ecosystem of “products,” services, and policies.
  • Learn a high-level working vocabulary for UX and service design.
  • Learn new insights into the practice of “researchOps,” and sound arguments for allocating more of the library budget into this kind of thinking.

This course is geared toward librarians and librarifriends who are invested — at least in spirit! — in improving the library UX. This webinar might be especially good for LibUXers who have already seen the concepts and practice of UX change weirdly and are looking for a hard reset.

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