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Update on New Division Discussions

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We sincerely thank all who have participated & contributed to the New Division discussions so far. Please bear with us at this time of great flux and change. We are trying to ensure the best future for all three divisions. And LITA folks, please come discuss the LITA future at the LITA Town Hall meeting Monday if you are at #alamw19.” This week, the Steering Committee, composed of the Presidents, President-Elects, and Executive Directors of the three divisions, concluded that we are not ready to ask our Boards to vote on a new division proposal at this week’s Midwinter Meeting. We worked hard to create a comprehensive project plan that would speak to members of each division; however, our timeline to hold the member vote this spring turned out to be too ambitious. There are some unresolved issues around the structure of the new division, the transition plan for existing…


Python Preconference at ALA Annual: Attendee Perspective

*** This post has been originally published on ACRL TechConnect Blog on July 29, 2013. *** I attended the Library Code Year Interest Group‘s preconference on Python, sponsored by LITA (Library Information Technology Association) and ALCTS (Association for Library Collections and Technical Services), at the American Library Association’s conference in Chicago this year. The workshop was taught and staffed by IG members Andromeda Yelton, Becky Yoose, Bohyun Kim, Carli Spina, Eric Phetteplace, Jen Young, and Shana McDanold. It was based on work done by the Boston Python Workshop group, and with tools developed there and by Coding Bat. The preconference was designed to provide a basic introduction to the Python programming language, and succeeded admirably. Here’s why I think it’s important for librarians to learn to code: it provides options in lots of conversations where librarians have traditionally not had many. One of the lightning talks (by Heidi Frank at…