LITA Guides: Call for Proposals

LITA Guides Covers

LITA is looking to expand its popular LITA Guide series. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers would like to offer a $250 gift card for the best LITA book proposal.  Proposals must be submitted by DECEMBER 15th, 2017. Topics for consideration include: Tools for big data Developing in-house technology expertise Budgeting for technology Writing a technology plan K-12 technology Applications of […]

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LITA Forum Assessment Report

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Re-envisioning LITA Forum In 2016, the Library and Information Technology Association charged a Forum Assessment & Alternatives Task Force with assessing the impact of LITA Forum; evaluating its position within the library technology conference landscape; and recommending next steps. The goal of this work is to ensure that the time and resources spent on Forum […]

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There’s A (Digital) Outcome For That!

The more I work with faculty and students on integrating new technologies such as 3D printing and virtual reality into the curriculum, the more I think about ways we can measure learning for non-Information Literacy related competencies. How do we know that students know how to use a 3D printer successfully? How can we measure […]

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Are You For Real? Exploring Virtual Reality Within The Academic Setting

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, with options ranging from complete virtual worlds real or imagined, to new programs that allow users to conduct surgery on digital patients. According to Educause, VR “uses visual, auditory, and sometimes other sensory inputs to create an immersive, computer-generated environment. VR headsets fully cover users’ eyes and […]

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Demonstrating Value…Visually!

Recent postings from ACRL indicate that the library world is paying more attention than ever to demonstrating the impact we have on student learning, faculty productivity, serving our communities, and the overall missions of our institutions. Megan Oakleaf has written extensively on this issue, and her work revolves around the way we can try to […]

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LITA Forum Assessment Task Force Survey

Dear Colleagues, The LITA Forum Assessment Task Force wants your opinions about the impact of LITA Forum and how it fits within the library technology conference landscape. We invite everyone who works in the overlapping space between libraries and technology, whether or not you belong to LITA or have attended the LITA Forum recently (or […]

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