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Photos from the 9th Ward

incompatible Originally uploaded by pix4lita. Robin Kear of Nova Southeastern University has some great photos of the New Orleans 9th Ward. Here’s the story: When I met local writer and tour operator Rob Florence in the Jean Lefitte bar on the less-busy end of Bourbon, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to pull a hustle. Two librarian colleauges and I went there to have a Sazerac late Thursday night and a couple of locals bought them for us. We reciprocated some time later and met Rob and a good friend of his. Most of the conversation revolved around the annihilation caused by Katrina. Rob offered to take us around all of the canal breaches and into the lower ninth ward the next morning to see it for ourselves. Fortunately, it wasn’t a hustle. As Rob drove us past street after street after street of abandoned houses in the Lakevue,…


Blogger's Bash

The Bash Originally uploaded by pix4lita. Leslie Burger threw a great party last night. Everyone had a blast and there was lots of mingling. It was nice to have the Gulf Coast Librarians there and they told us to stop having book drives for them, but we can donate particular things they need by going to


Keith Fiels Listening to Councilors

A Picture Share! Originally uploaded by pix4lita. As a third-term Councilor, I’ve spent a lot of time observing ALA ED Keith Fiels interacting with people. I really admire his patience, his listening skills, and his sense of humor. He’s also helped push ALA–the Queen Mary of slow-moving barges–toward newer technologies.


More: LITA Happy Hour

LITA Happy Hour trice Originally uploaded by pix4lita. The best kept secret about LITA is the people. We come back year after year to this organization because the people are so nice, wonderful, and supportive. As a new librarian, this was the first group that welcomed me with open arms so I have stayed and made them my home in ALA. It was great to see everyone last night. –MBoule


LITA Happy Hour

LITA Happy Hour Originally uploaded by pix4lita. LITAers gathered at On A Half Shell Oyster Bar last night to meet, mingle, and take over the world. It was a good showing of people, of which this is only a few. Everyone seemed happy to be in San Antonio, which greeted us with cloudy skies, but welcomed us all the same.


Ray Schwartz at Happy Hour

A Picture Share! Originally uploaded by pix4lita. This is a shot of Ray at Happy Hour. I uploaded this from my Treo, which has horrible resolution. You know how you sometimes miss a feature of an older technology? I just upgraded laptops, and tonight dearly missed the SD slot on my older Dell. Dang, that was a nice feature. Maybe I can find a PC card that does that, but on my older laptop it was built in, so I could tuck in the SD card from my camera and bada-bing, bada-boom, upload and away I go. Oh, for the good old days…


OCLC Symposium

A Picture Share! Originally uploaded by pix4lita. Several of us attended at least part of the OCLC Symposium. This blurry picture from Karen’s Treo is of a large screen that said “Library 2.0.” Perhaps we’ll get a LITA write-up, but Shifted Librarian already has a really good discussion of this symposium.


Flickr Uploading For LITA Bloggers

Test to LITA Blog Originally uploaded by pix4lita. We now have a Flickr Account tied in with this blog; if you would like to post pictures to Flickr and to the LITA Blog, contact one of the LITA Blog People and we’ll show you the super-secret handshake. Karen ( IM: liichief … cell: 510-932-5565 )