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Net Neutrality and Its Implications for Libraries

LITA Technology and Access Committee Program MCP W-184 Gregory A. Jackson, University of Chicago; Carrie Lowe, OITP for ALA; Clifford Lynch, Director of the CNI   Clifford Lynch tells Cool History. Thinks Net Neutrality is a relatively new phrase, says it happened within last 10 years–but is an old idea. Monopolies, natural or otherwise. Once upon a time, there was a thing called the Bell System aka “Ma Bell”.


The Open Library Environment Project

McCormick Place West, W-196a Building an ILS for Service Oriented Architecture Structure Beth Forrest-Warner, University of Kansas; Robert H. McDonald, Indiana University; John Little, Duke University; Carlen Ruschoff, University of Maryland. Really, this has as much of a positive implication for public and special libraries as it does for academics, especially as regards financial and HR management integration (think payroll and acquisitions). Not initially, but wait and watch for the trickle-down.


Building Public Library Websites with Drupal

Building the Next Generation Public Library Website with Drupal John Blyberg, Darien Library, CT Eli Neiburger say “NY-burger”, Ann Arbor District Library, MI Grand Hyatt, Constitution D, 10:30am, Sunday June 24. Buzzing, excited crowd, almost 200. Here are the goodies: Background – Drupal (say “drooo-pull”, accented first syllable) is a fully featured open-source content management system, as opposed to a “build-it-yourself” with Frontpage, Cold Fusion. Another popular CMS for small libraries is Joomla! Plenty of libraries are experimenting with CMS in their internal communications structure, and with Drupal, Ann Arbor has taken it live in a feature-rich way for their library front end website. ILS developers take notice.