Top Technology Trends

Top Tech in Denver: Let the Trends come to you

Our semi-annual gathering of trendsters to converse about the leading technologies and tech topics of the day will take place in Denver in just over a week. This year we’re blowing the doors off of Top Tech so that you can follow the conversation and participate in the discussion from anywhere–California, Maine, Florida, or even from another conference session in Denver.


Town Hall commentary from Mark Beatty and Michelle Boule

Listen to Vice President of LITA Mark Beatty and LITA Emerging Leader Michelle Boule give a post-Town Hall breakdown of what happened during the meeting, why LITA members Have More Fun, and what we can look forward to in the coming year. This is the last of our current crop of podcasts from ALA Midwinter 2007, so please post some feedback and let us know what you think!