LITA PreConference: Contracting for Content in a Digital World

LITA Preconference Friday, June 23, 8:30 am – 2:30 pm Contracting for Content in a Digital World A panel of experts discussed the forces and interests on the national and international scene that are shaping the new terms libraries, publishers, aggregators and search engines are negotiating in contracts and licenses today.  Sybil Boutilier, Manager of Contract Administration for San Francisco Public Library, the program coordinater and moderater welcomed the participants and introduced the session.


Opening General Session

Opening General Session The following is a summary of the Opening General Session, with selected excerpts of remarks by New Orleans mayor C. Ray  Nagin, and keynote speaker Madeleine Allbright. Welcome from President Michael Gorman: “We’re proud of our diversity, united by our common values.” Next came

General information

Online NW: Keynote Speaker Paul Bausch

Online Northwest is a conference focusing on the use of technology within libraries. The conference is held in late January or early February in Oregon. Online NW 2006 February 10, 2006 CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon Keynote: Paul Bausch Paul Bausch was co-creator and developer of Blogger; PC Magazine named him one of their 2004 People of the Year, and he is currently a resident of Corvallis, OR, where he founded ORblogs, a directory of blogs written by Oregonians. Bausch has also written three O’Reilly “hack” books: Flickr Hacks (Feb. 2006), Yahoo! Hacks (Oct. 2005) and Amazon Hacks (Aug. 2003). As part of the speaker introduction, it was suggested that 2002 was the year of the blog 2003 was the year of the RSS feed 2004 was the year of the Wiki and 2005 was the year of the podcast Bausch began by exclaiming about what…


ALA President's Program

This important program had more than a little schizophrenic feel to it. People obviously came to hear big name author and PBS commentator Michael Codrescu, but his remarks had little to do with the title of the event, or with Michael Gorman’s focus on library education. That was how it should be, but it divided the program focus quite dramatically and creating an event with a marked split personality.


Giving them "Google-like" Searching

Implementing a Federated Search Tool Speakers: Peter Webster, St. Mary’s University Marvin Pollard, California State University Robert Sathrum, Humboldt State University Joseph Fisher, Boston Public Library Peter Webster led off the panel with an overview of the basics of federated searching. First he defined the concept: Too @#& many interfaces “One stop shopping” “Google like searching” Silo busting Cross-file searching He reminded us that cross-file searching isn’t really a new idea. Remember Dialog? And think of Ovid and FirstSearch. If you buy all your databases from one aggregator, you have it now. Next he listed the current array of tools: WebFeat “the original federated search” and patent holder Muse Global “the World’s leading federated search tool” claim they began the company in 1997, predating WebFeat CSA Multisearch Serials Solutions Central Search Ovid Search Solver (Muse Global) Most ILS’s now offer a federated search tool: Ex Libris Metalib Sirsi Single search…