LITA Board of Directors

LITA Board Issues Statement Against the Ballot Measure and in Favor of the MLIS-Preferred for Next ALA Executive Director

Vote in the 2018 ALA Elections

As ALA and LITA members prepared for the opening of the 2018 Election on March 12, the LITA Board discussed the issue of whether the MLIS should be required or preferred for the ALA Executive Director position and issued a statement supporting the ALA Council’s vote to make the MLIS preferred. The full statement is available on the LITA website. “LITA itself underwent an executive director search in 2015. Our job posting used ‘preferred,’ not ‘required,’ language for the MLS; the same is true of other ALA divisions which have recently hired executive directors. Our candidate pool included excellent candidates from both library backgrounds and association management backgrounds. Ultimately we were delighted to be able to hire an MLS-holder, but having candidates from varied perspectives both increased our ability to hire the best available talent and helped our search committee to clarify what it truly valued. The LITA Board values…

LITA Board of Directors

2016 Election Slate

The LITA Board is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for the 2016 spring election: Candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect David Lee King Andromeda Yelton Candidates for Director-at-Large, 2 elected for a 3-year term Breanne Kirsch Topher Lawton Holbrook Sample Evviva Weinraub Candidates for LITA Councilor, 1 elected for a 3-year term Aaron Dobbs Debra Shapiro View bios and statements for more information about the candidates. Voting in the 2016 ALA election will begin on March 25 and close on April 22. Election results will be announced on April 29. Note that eligible members will be sent their voting credentials via email over a three-day period, March 15-18. Check the main ALA website for information about the general ALA election. The slate was recommended by the LITA Nominating Committee: Michelle Frisque (Chair), Galen Charlton, and Dale Poulter. The Board thanks the Nominating Committee for all of their work. Be sure to thank the candidates for…


LITA Annual Report, 2014-2015

As we reflect on 2014-2015, it’s fair to say that LITA, despite some financial challenges, has had numerous successes and remains a thriving organization. Three areas – membership, education, and publications – bring in the most revenue for LITA. Of those, membership is the largest money generator. However, membership has been on a decline, a trend that’s been seen across the American Library Association (ALA) for the past decade. In response, the Board, committees, interest groups, and many and individuals have been focused on improving the member experience to retain current members and attract potential ones. With all the changes to the organization and leadership, LITA is on the road to becoming profitable again and will remain one of ALA’s most impactful divisions. Read more in the LITA Annual Report.

General information

LITA and ALA elections close on May 1, 2015

There is still time to vote for LITA and ALA candidates. The polls will close on Friday May 1, at 11:59 pm Central Time. So make sure you cast your ballot. LITA Division Candidates include: President Candidates: Aimee Fifarek Nancy Colyar Director-at-large candidates: Ken Varnum Susan Sharpless Smith Martin Kalfatovic Frank Cervone ALA Candidates who are LITA members include: Presidential candidate: Joseph Janes Council candidates: Brett Bonfield Megan Drake Henry Mensch Colby Mariva Riggs Jules Shore Eric Suess Joan Weeks ALA notified voters by email, providing them with their unique passcodes and information about how to vote online. To ensure receipt of your ballot, members should watch for emails from ALA Election Coordinator, The subject line will be “ALA 2015 election login information below.” To be eligible to vote, individuals must be members in good standing as of January 31, 2015. Although the election is being conducted online, there…

LITA Board of Directors

2015 Election Slate

The LITA Board is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for the 2015 spring election as follows: Candidates for Vice-President/President-elect Nancy Coylar Aimee Fifarek Candidates for Directors at Large, 2 elected for 3 year terms Frank Cervone Martin Kalfatovic Susan Sharpless Smith Ken Varnum See candidate bios and statements for more information; voting in the 2015 ALA election will begin at 9 a.m. Central Time on March 24, 2015. Ballots will close at 11:59 p.m. Central Time on May 1. Election results will be announced on May 8. Check here for information about the general ALA election The slate was recommended by the Nominating Committee. Karen G. Schneider is chair of the committee and Pat Ensor, Adriene Lim, and Chris Evjy are the committee members. The Board thanks the Nominating Committee for all their work. Be sure to thank these candidates for agreeing to serve, and the Nominating Committee…