LITA Officers

First Days on the Job as LITA President

The ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans was an awe-inspiring experience on many levels. I was so overwhelmed by the gratitude of the New Orleaneans who could not have done a better job of making the 16,000+ visitors comfortable. New Orleans has a huge struggle ahead as the recovery has only begun. ALA set the example to the world that we believe in the city and want to help as much as possible in its recovery. Librarians not only helped economically by coming to the city, but many donated time and energy through volunteer service. I am proud to have attended the conference and even prouder that ALA chose to keep the conference in New Orleans. I began my LITA Presidency at the end of the day on Tuesday, June 27. I want to thank Pat Mullin for all he did in the past year as President. He has been…


Incoming ALA Committee Chair Orientation

Incoming ALA Committee Chair Orientation Hilton N. O. Riverside — Napoleon BR Thursday 6/22/06 Put on by ALA OTLD with a very nice buffet. Not very many new ALA committee chairs were able to make it, which is too bad as the food was good and the ideas shared were good (some common sense, others insightful). The ALA Parliamentarian, Eli Mena, presented tips on meeting process and conflict avoidance/deflection/resolution. A lot of common sense, all really good to remember, and great soundbytes – including: “Committee work should be like a canoe…” For details see: Annual 06 – Incoming ALA Committee Chair Orientation Not sure about the potential faux pas I’m possibly committing (self-link love); but double posting the content seems silly.


Welcome to the LITA Blog Room (MCC 274)

Ran into the MCC staff who set up the room this morning on arrival. Nice pair of competent geeks, I approve. I’ve been mentioning the existence of the room to folks at programs and meetings already, watchout, we may see some Martians (RUSA–MARS) and NMRT folks or maybe more, since Michelle said she was Word-of-Mouthing the room as well. Anywho, drop a note when you get here – or leave a question, Enquiring minds want to know! –Aaron :-)’