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Meet with us on Twitter. Friday, May 19 Noon to 1:00 pm, Central Time on Twitter at #LITAchat Joining us this month will be Mike Robinson, Chair, ALA-IFC Privacy Subcommittee and we’ll be following up this year’s Choose Privacy Week that took place the first week of May. We hope you’ll join us with your questions, comments, as well as to share your Choose Privacy Week experience and feedback from your community. To participate, fire up your favorite Twitter client and check out the #LITAchat hashtag. On the web client, just search for #LITAchat and then click “LIVE” to follow along. Ask questions using the hashtag #LITAchat, add your own comments, and even answer questions posed by other participants. Hope to see you there!


LITA Annual Report, 2014-2015

As we reflect on 2014-2015, it’s fair to say that LITA, despite some financial challenges, has had numerous successes and remains a thriving organization. Three areas – membership, education, and publications – bring in the most revenue for LITA. Of those, membership is the largest money generator. However, membership has been on a decline, a trend that’s been seen across the American Library Association (ALA) for the past decade. In response, the Board, committees, interest groups, and many and individuals have been focused on improving the member experience to retain current members and attract potential ones. With all the changes to the organization and leadership, LITA is on the road to becoming profitable again and will remain one of ALA’s most impactful divisions. Read more in the LITA Annual Report.

Committees and Interest Groups

Want to serve in ALA? Volunteer by November 2

One of my duties as LITA VP is to participate in the Committee on Appointments, which recommends names for appointment to several ALA-level committees.  The deadline for volunteering for an appointment that will begin after Annual Conference 2013 is November 2.  Appointments are generally for two years, but there are some exceptions. Please also note that these are ALA-level, and NOT LITA committees, though you can volunteer for LITA committees using the same form, and of course, I urge you to! 🙂 These are also not the Committees of the ALA Council. Click the name of each committee below to read its complete charge and current roster, or view all Committees of the Association. Committee on Accreditation “To be responsible for the execution of the accreditation program of ALA, and to develop and formulate standards of education for library and information studies for the approval of council.” American Libraries Advisory Committee “To review…

Committees and Interest Groups

It begins…

When I decided to write about my time as LITA Vice-President/President-Elect, I knew I would be writing about LITA committees and making appointments to them, about LITA Forum and my experience there, and about my experience with the LITA Board in general.  I’m delighted to learn that there are other responsibilities of the Vice-President, and my hope is that by writing about them, I might help others who are interested in division leadership, be it LITA or not. My first phone call with Mary Taylor, LITA’s Executive Director (ALA Staff) earlier this year was very pleasant.  She called to deliver the news that I had won the election, and that my term as Vice-President/President-Elect would start after the Annual conference in Anaheim.  She was clearly excited about the upcoming year, and reminded me of these Vice-Presidential duties: Attend training that would help Mary and me establish a working relationship. Attend…

LITA Board of Directors

New LITA board members take office

Cindi Trainor, coordinator, Library Technology and Data Services, at Eastern Kentucky University, is the newly elected vice-president/president-elect of LITA.  Her term, and that of newly elected LITA board members, began at the conclusion of the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim last month. Trainor has been active in LITA since 2007, when she served on the LITA Library Hi Tech Award Committee and participated in the Blogs, Interactive GroupWare and Wikis Interest Group (BIGWIG).  Since then, Trainor has served on the Web Coordinating and the Top Tech Trends Committees and the Online Programming and Electronic Participation Implementation Task Forces.  As a director-at-large on the LITA Board, Trainor has served on the Executive Committee and has liaised with the Web Coordinating and the Assessment and Research Committees. “LITA’s members are its strength and its life, and I want to build on that by helping to transform LITA into an organization that is…

LITA Officers

Patrick Mullin, former LITA President, to retire from UNC in August

Chapel Hill – Patrick Mullin, interim associate university librarian for collections and services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will retire July 30, after a professional career spanning 37 years. Mullin joined the library staff in 1987 as systems librarian. He subsequently headed the Systems Department before becoming an associate university librarian with responsibility for systems, access services and systems, and then technical services and systems. Since March, he has served on an interim basis as associate university librarian for collections and services. During his tenure, he oversaw several comprehensive system migrations, as well as a complete reorganization of the library’s technical service operations in 2008. Mullin has been especially active with association and consortial activities. He was president in 2005-06 of the Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) of the American Library Association, and was a member of the LITA Board of Directors and its Executive…

General information

Newly-elected LITA officers begin terms

Colleen Cuddy, interim director, New York University Health Sciences Libraries, NYU School of Medicine, is the newly elected vice-president/president-elect of the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). Her term, and that of newly elected LITA councilor and board members, began after the June 2010 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Cuddy has served as a member of the LITA Board of Directors and the LITA Executive Committee. She has experience in programming, having served on the LITA National Forum Program Planning Committee, and in governance, having served as the Bylaws Committee chair and Board parliamentarian. “LITA members are innovators and leaders, and I feel very privileged to lead such a diverse group of librarians and library professionals. I look forward to developing methods to communicate the value of technology innovation for LITA members and for librarians at large. I will also work…


New LITA Strategic Plan

I am pleased to share the new LITA Strategic Plan with you. The LITA Strategic Plan was created using feedback gathered from the R2 Market Survey, the joint LITA Board Meeting with the Committee and Interest Group chairs in 2008, the LITA Town Meetings in 2009 and 2010 and the LITA Board Meeting in 2010. Over the last 5 months the LITA Executive Committee has taken the resultant feedback and created this plan. The LITA Board of Directors approved the plan earlier this month. Here is how the LITA Board would like to proceed. 1. The LITA Strategic Plan has been posted to ALA Connect Members are encouraged to review the new LITA Strategic Plan and post your feedback to ALA Connect by Friday, June 25th. 2. The last 45-60 minutes of the Saturday LITA Board Meeting will be devoted to the LITA Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planning session of the…