ALA Council II — Dues proposal status

After much discussion (1.5 hours), Council voted to place the proposed dues increase on the 2006 Spring Ballot for member consideration and voting. As soon as a link to the approved proposal is available (and found) I’m sure it’ll show up in the comments. Exec Summary: 30% increase phased in 10% increments over 3 years.
[edit – adding] There was also extensive opining about the dues structure, there are pockets of support (including SRRT, rural & low income state councilors, and a few well-off councilors) for a graduated dues structure, based upon salary. The membership committee (I’m an electronic member of that group) closely examined a graduated structure and concluded, in the end, this was an undesireable option. An interesting factor in this discussion was the early 1970’s graduated dues structure and comments in Council minutes about the perception of the existence of a “class structure” based upon the amount of dues individuals paid (or said they paid). Embedded in the minutes, sometimes between the lines, was also a perception that many people felt others were not correctly reporting their income, hence the flat dues structure was adopted.