ETIG – emerging technology interest group

Emerging Technologies IG (*very brief* I was a tad late). Free wheeling discussion – Michelle B sounded like she got good notes…

Mentioned Emory podcasting prof & Boilercast at Purdue.
FRBR-ized displays
Draw knowledge from external (non-library) vendors for easeof applications?

<5% library virtual users start at a library catalog – user defined pathways need to be explored, modeled, and incorporated into search structure

Changing focus from “search” to “find” Ambient Findability – book with which to follow up


Switch from DVD/VHS to streaming & synchronous/asynchronous downloads – which can be placed in ot linked form online exhanced classes or placed in syllabi.

Search interfaces, NCSU, Grokker, 3D/spatial representation of search results

[Re-phrasing]ETIG/LITA is starting to be more aware of PLA technology discussions[/re-phrasing]
PLA is starting technology discussions – there is not much, if any, LITA involvement – we need to get into and help inform their discussions. Infiltrate all the ALA silos.