BIGWIG Meeting Notes from Annual 06

Over half the group has laptops upon the lap. It is quite amusing. These are just notes from our business meeting, so they are very informal.

BIGWIG is the blogging, interactive media, wiki, and social software interest group of LITA. We have our program Monday at 10:30, Next Stop Blogging. (added later: which went grrreeeat!)

Consider program for 2007
Publishing policy
Flickr account is linked to a Yahoo ID and Yahoo does not have a great privacy policy – do we need to talk about this?
Health of the blog
In between meetings
Standards category
Officers category

During the intros, Karen Schneider gets beignet powder on her laptop and there is much hilarity. Chris Strauber gets a picture, so it is out there somewhere.

There is a LITA Wiki! The LITA education committee has content for the wiki and was wondering if this group would take on the structure of things. Who is moderating the wiki?

We should try to figure out guidelines for when LITA people blog, wiki, or something else. We need to educate the membership on some guidelines for what content is appropriate for which format.

Action Item: Christina Piles, Karen Coombs, Jason Griffey volunteer to help the education committee with moving stuff and creating policy for the new wiki.

There is a web searching toolkit and this content could be added into the wiki. Someone comments that we are making the W in BIGWIG happen.

We have nominations. Michelle Boule and Karen Coombs volunteer themselves and they are elected as co-chairs for the next year. We discuss other positions we need. Jason Griffey is put into the position of Chair Elect for the next year. Kevin Clarke is nominated at the Technical Coordinator. Action Item: Open position is the Volunteer Coordinator. If you would like to do this, please email Michelle Boule.

Do we want to do a program in 07? Yes we do. Action Item: Karen C. and Michelle will fill out the paperwork for this program.

BIGWIG has its own listserv

Blogging between conferences:
Diane would like to use LITA blog for Standards. The group thinks this is fine and a category will be added to the blog for Standards. We also decide to have a category for officers to post the goings on of their repective groups. Michelle wants to have a core group of bloggers. Pat Ensor does not think we should go out looking for them but let them come to us. It is like columns in the newsletter. It is already open to everyone but, we are not like the other ALA blogs. We want the LITA blog to be its own animal. It will be busier during conferences, but we want to increase our in between postings. We do not want it to be a listserv but we want some meaty things about what the different committees are doing. Interviews. Making it easier for people to contribute. More of the local and state stuff getting blogged. More from other places in LITA.

What are we posting? Things that are original to LITA, content from our meetings and conferences. We could also post supplements to topics. We need to break out of the conference only groove. Synthesis of discussions going on elsewhere and adding value to the conversation. Recognizing the work of LITA people. Aaron Dobbs is going to write a post on just what people can find on the LITA Blog.

Tutorials should go on the wiki and not the blog.

Screen casting and podcasting could be used for variety.

Action Items: Karen C. will coordinate posts for elections. Mark Beatty is going to pass on the word to the LITA Nominating Committee to talk to Karen C.

A question about moderating policies, etc.
This is different than a personal blog; it is an official blog and we have to have controls and policies. Though asking new bloggers about their experience when they receive an account is a good idea, it may not work because we would still have verify that what they are telling us is true. We need to reword our policy to be more explicit about our moderation policy. We should also consider giving everyone some sort of limit so that if they have not posted for a year then they will be dropped to “subscriber.” After conference, the Volunteer Chair, currently Michelle Boule, will go through and reduce the needed people to subscriber.

Action Item: Michelle will be looking at policy, rewrite/add, and send to BIGWIG list for approval.

We decide to talk about the Flickr/Yahoo privacy thing because we are running out of time.

Concerns about backup not being done nightly.
The blog is an archive of divisional activity. Staffing issues of LISHost: are there any?
BIGWIG needs to look at hosting issues. We need to have more support. We need to decide what we need from a host and then look at our options. We should choose rigorously. We want permanent archiving. We are going to continue discussion of support, maintenance, and ongoing archive online. Archival issues might be a different set of questions, but we need to resolve that. How much stuff can we put on the server of our host? Adding different files, media files, is going to take up space and might cost more. Action Item: Kevin will launch discussion online.

Meeting time at Midwinter.
Can the bloggers’ room be sponsored by LITA instead of closing it to others? We could have a sign in o see who is coming and going. Action Item: Mark Beatty will take to the LITA Board and float idea of having a sponsored room. Mary Taylor is the person to talk to to get the room set up.

We thank Karen Schneider (and Clara Ruttenberg, who is not here) for being fabulous co-chairs.

Our next meeting is at Midwinter, Sunday at 10:30 in the LITA blogging room.