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A Fun Discussion Moderated by Gregg Silvis [There were two of these sessions and they both ran a bit differently. Gregg ran this as a discussion group and I captured as many of the comments as I could. Audience comments are marked “comments,” my comments are in brackets, and Gregg’s words are as is. I came in a bit late to this one. The group was discussing what will happen when books are all online. Surprisingly, not all the comments were negative. I think that many of us realize that this will be our reality in some fashion. I think there will still be paper books, but we will have more options for format type then we have now because so many things will be digital.] Comment from the audience, Jason Griffey: [paraphrase] If we have that many things online, we can not traditionally catalog items. Self tagging works better…

General information

Share Your Technology Conference Experience with LITA

LITA wants to create a new kind of technology conference within ALA. I am chairing the committee charged with the task of coming up with a new “big” idea about technology conferences. We want the conference to be useful and we want it to reflect what you may find lacking in current ALA and non-ALA sponsored conferences. Here is your chance to tell us how you feel. Please share this survey with others. If you have something you would like to tell us that is not reflected in the survey, email me at mboule at gmail dot com or leave a comment on this post. Thank you for your time. We appreciate it and we hope to return your investment with a conference about which you can be excited. Update: The link is updated and should be working. Thanks for your patience.


BIGWIG Business Meeting Notes, Annual 07

Jason Griffey, In-Coming Chair reports What is BIGWIG? A working IG interested in social and emerging technologies. We do our work and discussions virtually using all tools possible. We are not a simple discussion group. Our current structure is as follows: We have an incoming chair, two co-chairs, and an outgoing chair. One chair is always in movement up and down. This will give the group continuity needed for projects as there will always be a chair with experience in office. We also have a Technical Coordinator who does back end work on the blog and a Volunteer Coordinator who organizes blogging efforts for conferences. New positions possibly needed: election interviews coordinator podcast volunteer coordinator Do we want to be a formal committee now that we are doing more committee-like work? Action: Michelle Boule will post committee requirements to the listserv for discussion Michelle Boule, Co-Chair, reports Blog Update categories…


Social Software Showcase, sponsored by BIGWIG

LITA BIGWIG (Blogs, Wikis, and Social Software IG) is pleased to present the first ever online, unconference at ALA Annual 2007. The Social Software Showcase will be occuring around and during Annual. We have gathered eleven librarians and leaders in the field to present on cutting edge technology and social software. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will have the opportunity to view and discuss the presentations on the official Social Software Showcase Wiki. BIGWIG wanted to do something different. Something that could spark conversations between people and would not be limited to a finite time and space. Something fun. We also wanted to devise a program for ALA that could be responsive to new technology. Current ALA planning procedures are not responsive to emerging technologies. In fact, at least two of the technologies that will be discussed are less then 4 months old! Come and see…


LITA Podcasts Presents: the LITA Candidates

  Welcome to the LITA Podcasts Election Series. For your listening pleasure, every few days a new group of LITA Officer hopefuls will be presented. Tune in here on LITABlog, via any RSS aggregator using our normal RSS feed, or now tune in via iTunes by clicking here or searching for LITA in the podcast area of the iTunes store. Each individual, regardless of office, was asked to answer the following questions: Describe your professional experience as it related to holding LITA office. What do you bring to this position? How do you envision LITA being a technology leader in ALA? Each candidate was interviewed by David Free who knows a few things about podcasting and who has been instrumental in making this a success. The schedule for the release of each group of candidates is as follows: March 15 – Vice President/President Elect Diane Bisom and Andrew Pace March…


Town Meeting, always interesting

Liki Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. The LITA Town Meeting yesterday was action packed even at 8am. I know there were a couple of other people taking actual notes. These are just my thoughts. The activity that Mark Beatty had the packed room complete involved writing things we liked about LITA or things that LITA could do on pieces of paper. Groups then took their “tags” and made tag clouds out of them. It was fun, loud, and very productive. I was again reminded why I love LITA. People like being here. We like each other and the “people” aspect of LITA got more tags then anything else. Education, training, and technology were close follow-ups. Some very hopeful member also requested a new Mac, but I am not sure that is in budget. The picture here is one of the tags for the “Liki” as it has come to be…


LITA Board Meeting, Saturday

This was a loooooong meeting with a lot of content. I tried to condense it has much as I could. There are three main sections to the meeting and I have bolded them for easier skimming. Present at the meeting: Bonnie Postlethwaite, Mary Taylor, Mark Beatty, Jonathan Rothman, Andrew Pace, Karen Starr, Barbara Higginbotham, David Bretthauer, Valerie Edmonds, Melissa Prentice, Debra Shapiro, Michelle Frisque, Amira Aaron, and Maribeth Manhoff Consent Agenda –Motion to accept the Consent Agenda is passed. Budget Report is Accepted. LITA Assessment and Research Task Force is here to report of their findings. Assessment is not something that LITA has been very good at doing in the past. The task force used the strategic plan to inform the report and decided that future assessments should be done consistently throughout the program. It should also be given a home so that the assessment can be carried out and…


LITA IG and ComChairs Meeting

Mary Taylor Happy Hour was a success yesterday with new members, old members, and people checking us out. At Annual, Happy Hour will be after the open house on Friday or Saturday. She introduces Mary Prentice who is the new Programs and Marketing Specialist for LITA. Bonnie Postlethwaite Use the wiki. There are spaces for the committee’s to contribute and help the wiki to grow. Currently the standards watch is upon the wiki. The town meeting, which will be run by Mark Beatty, will offer an opportunity for member to raise their concerns. Gail Clement Podcasting preconference yesterday was a success with good attendance. The speakers were wonderful and were a combination of both library and other types. She is currently working on a better way of document management so that our forms and other information we gather from our sessions can be kept in one place. It allows us…


Official Call for Volunteer Bloggers at Forum 06

LITA Forum in wonderful Nashville is just around the corner. LITA Blog will be there to report the goings on and important conversations for those of us who will be stuck in less fun areas of the country. LITA Blog is successful because of the great volunteers we have for every conference. Looking for new ways to get involved? This is a great opportunity. You can see the entire schedule for Forum here. If you would like to volunteer, please email me, Michelle Boule, and let me know what sessions you would like to cover and if you are new to LITA Blog. I will be coordinating volunteers from afar this year and Jason Griffey will be the on-site blog coordinator.