BIGWIG reminder

via kgs, posted by Jason since litablog was experiencing difficulty when she tried to post it earlier:

Once again, BIGWIG meets:

Sunday, 10:30 – 12:00, at the Morial Convention Center, Room 274

That’s the blogging room; if you’re in there for some other reason, be careful-we might volunteer you for something!

We have at least four agenda items. I would put these on the blog but… and this is related to an agenda item…the blog is down right now, at least from my end. Blake Carver had IM’d me earlier today to say he was having trouble with lishost.org …

* We were asked to consider a program for 2007-this was for ALA but we should add LITA Forum to this list

* Hosting and the LITA blog

* Laura Cohen shared some concerns about the blog publishing policy, which I offered to present to the group since she is at another meeting at the same time

* LITA and Flickr and Yahoo: Maurice York brought up the issue of Yahoo’s privacy policy and Flickr. (Since August, new Flickr accounts require Yahoo logins, and Yahoo’s privacy policy has come under fire.) If you all so chose to, LITA could take action in a variety of ways. (For example, LITA could submit a resolution to Council asking Yahoo to change its privacy policy.)

* The State of the Blog: how it’s doing, where you want it to go

* Clara and I are both ready to step aside for new leadership (Clara started a new job and I’ve got some change issues too), so we’ll have an election of chair or co-chairs. That said, this is a very fun IG… I really can’t think of any other ALA project or unit I’ve worked with that has been quite this fun since the early days of the Internet Room, and that was another LITA-bee