Coming to you live from MCC 274!

Well, we’ve got a bloggers’ room at Annual Conference! It has separate tables and chairs that I’m sure we’ll end up pushing together when more than one person shows up. And it has power cords. All is right with the world.

I’ve only done one “conference” thing so far, but I want to share my excitement about it. Right before every Annual Conference, there is a Spectrum Scholars’ Leadership Institute. I was fortunate enough to be involved in planning it a couple of years ago, so I was glad to participate in their Professional Options Fair last evening. I got to represent LITA as well as discuss academic librarianship, with the eager, new Spectrum Scholarship recipients.

Talking with them excited me anew about the thrilling world of librarianship we are moving into. Several of the scholars are interested in LITA and hope to be able to make it to the LITA Open House Saturday (4pm-5:30pm, MCC 260). I hope enthusiastic LITA evangelizers will join me to talk with them and convey how LITA as changed our professional lives.