General information

LITABlog Hosting Requirements

We are in the process of evaluating LITABlog’s host and have worked up a list of requirements that we would like to use as a guide for determining what the needs of LITABlog are. These may help us determine that we are happy with our current host or that we would like to change service providers. After agreeing on a list of acceptable requirements, we’d like to compare some of our options for hosting.

If you are interested in participating in this process, or have some comments or improvements to our current list of requirements, please feel free to comment (either on this post or on the host requirements page):

We’d also be interested in hearing whether you’ve been happy with LITABlog’s service over the past year. Likewise, if you’ve tried to reach us but couldn’t (or have had some other problem), let us know that too.