LITA BIGWIG Midwinter Meeting Minutes

Would we want to put on a face to face web 2.0 thing? Give people hands on experience with stuff? Could be a good chance to get techie and non-techie people together. Facilities might be available if we can come up with a plan for events and such in the next 60-90 days.


Michelle Boule, U of Houston, Co-Chari

Diane Hillman, Cornell, Standards Coordinator for LITA

Erin McCaffrey, Regis U in Denver,

Mark Beatty, VP, President-Elect

Tiffeny McCall, UTKnoxville, new LITA person

Jason Griffey, UT Chattanooga, Chair-Elect

Karen Coombs, Co-Chair, U Houston

Beth Hoffman, Newbie,

Not Present but Important

Kevin Clark, Tech Coordinator for Blog

Jonathon Blackburn, volunteer wrangler for Blog

Program for ALA Annual

Not quite sure what to do yet – social software something or other…. We need a name and brief blurb soon to get into the official ALA material – but viral marketing worked really well last year….

So, what might we want to do? Should be basic stuff. Blogs last year. Social bookmarking? Something about how to approach social software projects, and get buy-in? If social bookmarking – get the PennTags folks? How to set up projects so that you can get outside assistance with tagging. What do you want to get involved in? How to integrate with more tradational metadata practices. Someone at U Ontario working on this. This approach might be a good way to bring people in – not just an isolated presentation on cool tech. This can be tricky though, ’cause you’ll get to a lot of detail soon. Is this too advanced for lots of people – maybe Wikis would be the better thing to do this time around?

Wikis might be good, getting lots of questions about them. Semantic wikis? Good library stuff – metadata. There’s also the thing with ALA having a lot of wikis – middle ground. Then there’s the beginner stuff – anybody can set up a PBWiki. We could probably get Meredith Farkas to talk…. And there’s lots of “cool stuff” too.

Wikis, huh, what are they good for?

What to call this?

It’s a wiki wiki world?
wiki tiki tavi?
something slightly less silly?

Who else to get to talk – somebody from wikipedia? Or maybe not

Somebody who’s using them in libraries?

Policies for LITA Wiki

We don’t have any yet, we’re waiting to see what ALA does – might want to just use theirs – would that be cool? Might want to modify with best practices….

No objections to this idea, but one question:

Currently kind of ad hoc – time to get organized? Maybe better to just let it grow organically. Mandating structure doesn’t really work – gets undone. But we can see if there’s something to be done. We can let the structure sit on the LITA web page and let the wiki go wherever – just link to the wiki from the website.

Is that the new name – the LITA wiki is the liki? Conversation degenerated rapidly from here….

One problem – site, blog, wiki need to be better intertwined… So let’s start using stuff like RSS to do this.

???s for LITA Elections Podcasts

Karen thinks we should podcast candidate interviews. Good way to know who to vote for. So, we’re going to get David Free to do it via Skype, but we need questions.

2 Open-Ended Questions – we’re shooting for 10-minute podcasts.

How do you think LITA can operate within ALA divisions to smooth the way with technology?

*How do you envision LITA to be a technology leader within ALA?

*What do you think you bring to this position?

What do you want to accomplish?

Mark Wants to Talk

Speaking of podcasts – should appoint another wrangler. At Midwinter town meeting usually some kind of exercise where the LITA board gathers ideas from folks about topic of interest to LITA. Then we’ll aggregate the info and post it to the LITA blog.

Also, Michelle’s LITA’s official emerging leader and we’ve got two more people – and we’ve got a bunch of other really good new LITA folks we don’t want to lose, so we’re going to use them as an instant focus group to help with strategic planning.

Also, for folks who can’t come to the conference, how about 15 minute post-session interviews to podcast? We’re starting with a post-town-meeting interview. If it works, we can expand it to all the programs at annual – so we need a wrangler. And equipment. And space. Several spaces – nearby where the sessions are. We can get some mics and write up some instructions.

This sounds cool, so let’s do it!

Other business:

LITA presence in Second Life – a proposal is coming. Cool!