Web Coordinating Committee

  • Introductions
    *Mary Taylor introduced our new staff liaison, Melissa Prentice
    * David Altenhof, Kyle Felker, Howard Sherman, Aaron Dobbs, Janet Arth, Nick Baker, Melissa Prentice, Sue Peacock, Bonnie Postlethwaite
  • IG & Comm Chair meeting discussion — David Altenhof & Aaron Dobbs
    * Recognise duplication & triplication of effort in reporting (an archival copy, blog, and wiki)
    — Archival copy (must be submitted by Chair of IG or Committee)
    — blog posts about meetings could be linked (let IG or Committee Web coordinator know about specific requests)
    — wiki posts about meetings could also be linked
    * Conclusions / Action Items
    — Archival Quality Minutes are mandatory (required by Association (LITA & ALA)
    — Kyle Felker offered to look at writing a reports page to stick in WordPress which will list required report elements, send an email for the “official” archive, and post the official meeting report (go Kyle!) (see Meeting report submission form for required data points)
  • Status of new CMS implementation and training — David Altenhof & Melissa Prentice
    * LITA content should be moved into new CMS about now
    * The live site switch will take place “soon”
    * David & Aaron are in the first set of training, second set should be mid-February
  • Status of previously discussed projects — Variuos members
    * RSS feeds for discussion forums (ALA Communities)
    * Training and promotion for greater use of discussion forums (ALA Communities)
    — Is Online Communities “worth it” to follow up upon?
    (Not decided, but WCC will wait before farming out creating a user manual for LITAns)
    * Web-based LITA Web manual
    — Will be posted into the new CMS
  • Discuss future of LITA website — Various members
    * Web 2.0?
    — What sort of 2.0-ish things could we do within the (new) CMS structure, pipe-dreams are fine in the comments or on listservers.
    — LITA podcast(s)?
    — Pull in RSS feeds of possible interest on the web page?
    — RSSify LITA news (beyond the blog)
    — Need more marketing/news dissemination in LITA (and ways to broadcast /syndicate it)
    — LITA pages tag cloud based on traffic rather than linking
    * Greater multimedia content?
    — LITAtube?
    — Recruitment/retention?
    * Other?
    — Who uses the site?
    — We should focus on bottom-up tools rather than trying a prescriptive, top-down approach.
    — Bonnie asked David to work on Michelle Boule’s task force (via the Emerging Leaders program)
  • Draw up action plan for all members — David Altenhof
    * Look into (Nick) tag clouding
    * Ask IG (David) & Comm (Aaron) chairs to review report template (for adds or drops)
    * Investigate (Kyle) php page to email and post official reports
    * Blog post (Aaron) about archival quality reports
    * Find a home for list of liaison reps to other divisions, etc. and their reports (Janet)
    * Look into (Sue) custom search widgets for LITA site plus LITA-relevant blogs, wikis, websphere
    * Look into (David) adding RSS feeds for LITA site content (in new CMS) and other feeds
    * Look into requirements (Kyle) for podcasting / multimedia streaming from ALA resources
    * Schedule training for Web Committee (David)