LITA IG and ComChairs Meeting

Mary Taylor
Happy Hour was a success yesterday with new members, old members, and people checking us out. At Annual, Happy Hour will be after the open house on Friday or Saturday. She introduces Mary Prentice who is the new Programs and Marketing Specialist for LITA.

Bonnie Postlethwaite
Use the wiki. There are spaces for the committee’s to contribute and help the wiki to grow. Currently the standards watch is upon the wiki. The town meeting, which will be run by Mark Beatty, will offer an opportunity for member to raise their concerns.

Gail Clement
Podcasting preconference yesterday was a success with good attendance. The speakers were wonderful and were a combination of both library and other types. She is currently working on a better way of document management so that our forms and other information we gather from our sessions can be kept in one place. It allows us to upload PDFs and similar things. Gail is currently creating a document management system in the PPC (Project Planning Committee) space for us. She asks the group if they want to use this method of keeping our stuff. Enough people want to try the document system, so Gail decides to create accounts for us. This topic will be revisited at Annual.

Question from the group: Are we supposed to be meting with the PPC? Answer: It is not required but individual chairs can use the PPC as a way to discuss new ideas. PPC acts as a check and balance system for chairs, so if you have not met with the PPC recently, in the past year, then you should plan to meet with them soon.

Mark Beatty
IGs (Interest Groups) need to think about doing programs. Sharing what you are doing is what makes LITA special to other people. After Midwinter, Mark will be assigning committee members. He will need Chair input and will be emailing us for suggestions on who should be continued. Please get back to him and tell him what your committee needs. The link for volunteering is hard to find on the LITA Website but make sure that you point out that link to other people on your committee and tell others interested in LITA. Mark is going to try to get that link moved to make it more obvious.

David Altenhof

The new CMS is almost ready, so the web group has been gearing up for that. The switch is official on the 25th of January. Training for everyone else will be sometime in February.

The very last thing is Tom Wilson talking about OITP, but I miss most of thanks to a sneezing fit. Luckily for me, and you, he is giving a report for the LITA Board, which I am blogging next.


  1. Tom Wilson


    Thanks for mentioning my comments. Hope you have recovered from your sneezing fit!

    I want to make LITA members aware of the work that has begun within the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy to identify general, high-level principles that address the digitization of content. Rather than make this post lengthy, I’ll refer readers to the Task Force web site: http://ala.org/ala/washoff/contactwo/oitp/digtask.htm . These principles are modelled loosely after the recently approved “Principles for the Networked World” ( http://www.ala.org/ala/washoff/contactwo/principles.pdf ). The Task Force is seeking as wide as possible review of this draft with the goal of having a version of them adopted by the ALA Council this summer. There are other aspects of this project, but for those I refer you to the web site.

    There will be an online comment option linked from the site in the next month or so. Feel free to send comments/questions to me at tcwilson(at)ua.edu in the meantime.


  2. AaronDobbs

    Here’s a link to what Tom was talking about in the IG & Comm Chairs meeting: http://ala.org/ala/washoff/contactwo/oitp/digtask.htm
    ALA WO OITP Task Force on Digitization Policy.

    And links to the draft digitization principles:

  3. AaronDobbs

    D’oh! Nothing like racing to comment on a post!

  4. Gail Clement

    Thanks, Michele, for including the blurb from LITA Program Planning Committee in your blog report. This is a clarification on the question of whether LITA program planners *are required* to come before PPC during the Annual or Midwinter conference.

    Per LITA policy, what *is required* is submission of a program proposal no later than 12 months before a proposed program (i.e, at Annual of prior year). LITA members can do this in one of two ways: (1) schedule a timeslot with PPC and bring 15 copies of proposal for review and discussion in real time; or (2) Submit proposal to the PPC Chair or to the LITA Office, either at the Annual conference or by mail no later than 2 weeks after the conference (and then wait for someone to PPC to contact you.)

    PPC strongly recommends Approach (1) above because, if for no other reason, you will know within 20 minutes that your program is approved and you stand the best possible chance of getting your preferred program day, time and track. From your time with PPC, you will also get some or all of the following: kudos, ideas that might strengthen the program, help identifying/strong-arming speakers, and free food.

    Gail Clement, Chair, LITA PPC

  5. Michelle Boule

    Thanks for all the clarification, everyone. Hooray for social software at work!

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