Town Meeting, always interesting


Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre.

The LITA Town Meeting yesterday was action packed even at 8am. I know there were a couple of other people taking actual notes. These are just my thoughts.

The activity that Mark Beatty had the packed room complete involved writing things we liked about LITA or things that LITA could do on pieces of paper. Groups then took their “tags” and made tag clouds out of them. It was fun, loud, and very productive.

I was again reminded why I love LITA. People like being here. We like each other and the “people” aspect of LITA got more tags then anything else. Education, training, and technology were close follow-ups. Some very hopeful member also requested a new Mac, but I am not sure that is in budget.

The picture here is one of the tags for the “Liki” as it has come to be known this conference.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mark Beatty and I are going to be taking all the tags, which I transcribed yesterday, and creating a report that we will eventually place here and on the Liki. A report filled with the ideas of our fabulous members. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great fun.

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